My name is Preston Lopez. I started Affinity because I felt the undeniable call to take action in the world and to be part of the global transformation that is currently underway. It is my belief that our current systems are unsustainable. As I engage ever more in the world, I find myself ardently desiring a transition away from the destruction of our communities and our planet. I believe that the transformation required is happening, in pockets, and that it must begin anew everyday with individuals like me and like you – individuals who are willing to change our thinking so as to change our lives and, together, change the world. This shift away from exploitation and “rugged individualism” must be transmuted into a more communal sense of being part of a greater whole – interwoven parts of the beautiful tapestry that is the ecology of Life. Transforming our systems begins with transforming consciousness. That is where Affinity comes in.

In order to transform the world, we must first take responsibility for transforming our own minds and hearts. The more we can free ourselves from narratives of limitation and separation, the more we can step powerfully into our place as a generation poised to change the world. This work entails defining your vision for your life and exploring the internal blocks (from cultural, familial, even self-inflicted wounding), so as to heal and transform your understanding of self into something new, emboldened, and ready for action. Affinity uses the technologies of psychology, mindfulness practices, and the use of psychedelic medicine in order to create profound opportunity for healing and transformation.

A Personal Journey

I began my own transformative work well over a decade ago when I landed my first job in the helping profession, working with at-risk youth and their families in a non-profit setting. I found myself a holder of hearts, a confidant for those who were hurt and confused. Those initial encounters inspired me to pursue higher education in psychology and to be trained as a Professional Clinical Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist. I learned quickly of the intimate connection between healing my own wounds and my ability to assist others in healing theirs. This started me on a path of self-discovery that led me to my own therapy and into the powerful personal growth work done in various men’s circles. I was then introduced to the benefits of mindfulness meditation. I was trained in the Vipassana technique and found that through daily mediation I was able to access a clarity and presence that I had never experienced before. Mindfulness practice is now an integral component in all the work that I do with clients. The next phase of my journey came with the discovery of plant medicines. I had the good fortune of traveling to Peru and sitting with the healing medicine of Ayahuasca. In Peru, I found that the expansion of my consciousness experienced with the help of this psychedelic medicine afforded a new realm of personal possibility. My life hasn’t been the same since. Upon returning home to the States, I became part of the movement which advocates the intentional use of Cannabis to induce altered states much like those experienced with other psychedelic medicines. I have had the great opportunity to train with Daniel McQueen, the founder of Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder, CO, and I am routinely amazed by the efficacy of this humble plant.

A Word On Cannabis and Other Psychedelic Medicines

I savor the opportunity to be a part of the movement that is transforming the cultural narrative around Cannabis and other psychedelic medicines. I, along with a growing community of seekers and healers, am working to destigmatize the utilization of these medicines and to foster their safe and intentional use. We are part of a new wave of researchers, practitioners, and advocates who are working to transform people’s outlook on these medicines from being viewed as harmful to being accepted as safe and healthy tools with enormous benefits. We at Affinity see them as medicines, powerful means to expanding our insight in the process of uncovering truths about our most authentic selves.

Cannabis in particular is undergoing a major shift in our cultural consciousness. Advocates have introduced legislation all over the country to legalize this plant on various levels. Within the larger national movement towards legality, there is an internal movement which acknowledges not only the medicinal and recreational usage of this sacred plant, but also promotes its intentional use for psycho-spiritual healing and growth. The non-ordinary state Cannabis can induce, when combined with a safe setting and skilled facilitation, can open up one’s mind to experience new depths of healing, insight, and release.

Next Steps and Collaboration

Affinity is not intended to be a solo venture or to be limited to my particular style or vision. My want is to collaborate with other practitioners, healers, activists, and visionaries. I want to create a center for healing where practitioners of various medicines (nutritional, energetic, massage, acupuncture, psychedelic, breath, and many others) can come together and serve the community. If you are a healer or someone who resonates with this work and this vision, please reach out to me. Together, let’s create a more healthy, compassionate, sustainable, unified future for ourselves and for future generations.

In Closing

My purpose for beginning this healing venture, ultimately, is to help you awaken to the full power of your authentic self.

The purpose of this venture is to help you forge the path towards creating the life you envision and to shape the world into what you want it to be for future generations.

The purpose of this venture is to help you define your purpose, your personal sense of mission in the world, so as to manifest your vision into reality.

This work can be challenging. Shifting and expanding consciousness often is. It requires taking a fierce and vulnerable look at yourself in order to clearly identify what is holding you back. It requires a certain boldness, a willingness to shine a light on some uncomfortable places. As Joseph Campbell once said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” The healing, freedom, and light that await you are well worth the journey.

So tell me… What is the treasure you seek?

And what are you willing to do to claim it?